New Cover Song Posted!

This Never Happened Before

One of my favorite songs ever written by Paul McCartney was released last year on his phenomenal record, Chaos and Creation in the Backyard, produced by Nigel Godrich. Here's my take on this sweet sappy-bastard track. This is how my next 2007 record will sound in terms of ballad production - but expect more of a beat and noise rather than just acoustic simplicity like you hear on this one. Did I mention that the new Nelly Furtado record fucking KICKS ASS?

One Cover

Sea Of Teeth - Sparklehorse

If I do a cover on my next record, I would record this one professionally with cello, Mellotron, and piano. To me, this is one of the most beautiful songs of the past ten years and is featured in my one of my top 20 favorite films, All The Real Girls. That's it for awhile.

Two New Covers

Waiting For A Superman - The Flaming Lips

"Waiting for a Superman" is an affirmation of God's existence, a call for hope, and still remains my favorite Flaming Lips song. But on other days, "Feeling Yourself Disintegrate" is right up there too. After all, I can't resist a line like "Love in our life is too valuable to feel for a second without it. But life without death is just impossible."

Cocaine Blues - Johnny Cash

"Cocaine Blues" on the other hand is about shooting your wife and going to jail.

New Song

I was originally set on recording another album, but I'm not going to. I have too much old material that's good - I should concentrate on getting shows and playing those songs to people throughout the summer. But anyway, I originally wrote this song on acoustic guitar but figured I'd turn it into the only full-fledged rock song for the year. Whatever I do next and whenever I do it - it has to be with a band. Anyway, enjoy. It gets loud.

Impossible Dream (Wish I Could Change)
Please hold on
While I reclaim my mind
Scatter my fears
Shattered in a shackle spine
It’s so hard when I know what I want
And it’s not you you know that’s it’s true

I wish I could change
But part of me doesn’t want to
You’ve tried so hard right from the start
And I know you could repair my heart
But I want the impossible dream
The one that can’t escape me

I know a lot of the things that I’ve done
May not work out in the long run
But all I’ve got is hope and conviction
Even if it turns out to be the worst decision
This is only a life that I’m living
This is all that I’m giving
Just won’t you
Please forgive me